Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Weekly Blog by Kendra Krenz

On Monday I attended another community meeting at the school. The meeting, hosted by our school principal, dealt with several topics that are facing our students. Our principal discussed the results of the SBA tests and the need for after school tutoring. The after school tutoring started on Wednesday and it will run four days a week for students who preformed poorly on the tests. There was a discussion about the dangers of some students playing around and underneath the school after school hours. It was suggested that the VPSO do a better job of patrolling the area. Also the school is looking into fixing the fence that is under the school.

There was a discussion about the subsistence forms that are currently being used in the classrooms. Parents are required to have the student’s homeroom teacher sign off on the sheet before the student goes for their subsistence activities. In the future there may be a change to this procedure. It will be addressed at the next school board meeting. A district-wide policy has been put in place requiring that adults using the gym pay a $20 per hour fee. Exceptions will be made for community feeds, weddings, etc.

A drawing was held for five gallons of gas. Some other surplus food was given to those in attendance. There were about 30 people at the meeting.

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skipvia said...

Thanks for your continuing efforts at keeping us informed about schooling in Kongiganak. I enjoy reading your posts, and it's always instructive to compare the problems and successes of a different district with one's own.

Does anyone else have any information about how subsistence activities are handled in their communities? This would seem to me to be an important matter for parents and teachers.