Monday, September 24, 2007

School Improvement Plan by Kendra Krenz

The Dick R. Kiunya Memorial School held their first monthly School Improvement meeting last Thursday. The School Improvement Team is made up of the principal, three teachers and four community members. Our school is required to organize this team because we didn’t make Adequate Yearly Progress last spring.

The principal put together a school improvement plan showing graphs and data on how students did in their assessment tests. We made some improvements in Language Arts and Reading, but our school had difficulty in Math. The district has been given funding to have an extended day for students who haven’t passed the state assessments. Students are required to stay a half hour longer, four days a week. Two days are specifically devoted to Math due to the low testing scores.

A community member will host a family learning and education time once a month at the school. Students can only attend if they have an older relative accompany them to the event. Adults will be engaging in educational activities during that evening.

At the next community meeting, our superintendent will give an update on the possibilities of Kongiganak getting a new school. Community members will be encouraged to attend the meeting and express their feelings on matter.

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skipvia said...

Once you find out how the School Improvement Plan is shaping up, try and share a bit of that on your blog--nothing too detailed, just some general principles that come out of the process. Lack of AYP is not just a bush issue--several Fairbanks schools missed AYP and caused the district to miss it as well. It would be interesting to see what some of the possible solutions are.

Thanks so much for keeping us informed of school issues in Kongiganak. I always learn something from your posts.