Tuesday, September 18, 2007

After School Program by Kendra Krenz

For the past week and a half Dick R. Kiunya Memorial School inKongiganak has been holding an extended day tutoring session for students in grades 4-12 who didn't pass all of the SBA tests given last spring. Students are required to stay an extra 30 minutes after school. The subject matter taught by the teachers includes Reading, Writing and Math. Students are separated by their grade. It is up to the individual teacher to come up with the lessons for the day. In the near future teachers will have access to various tutor programs on the computer. These computer programs can be used for the classrooms.
Attendance at the extended day has been excellent. Generally 85% - 95% of those required to attend, actually come to the tutoring. Thosestudents missing the tutoring have either been sick, out of town orsubsistence hunting. If a student deliberately skips the session, their name will be reported to the principal and he will contact the parents.
The elementary students seem to be enthused about coming for the after school help. Part of the motivation is they receive a snack and sometype of juice towards the end of the session. Another motivation was the school set up a “Student Movie Night” last Friday at the school gym. It was open to all students who attended the after school program for grades 4-12. They also get to be with a teacher from another part of the building that they didn't have that day. I'm assuming most students want to get better in their academic work and that is extra motivation as well.
The junior high and high school students who haven't passed the SBA'sare required to come after school. If they don't show up they will notbe eligible for other extra-curricular activities during the year. TheAdministration is hoping to have funding through April.

During last week’s community meeting, the subsistence activity was addressed. The students are not allowed to miss more than two days of school a semester for subsistence activities. I feel students should be given more than two days, because I think students will have more unexcused absences.


skipvia said...

It's really encouraging to hear that the after school program is working so well and that students are happy about attending. It will be interesting to see how well it works over a longer time period. If it DOES work, then perhaps it's time to examine what happens during school that doesn't produce the same kind of learning that after school programs produce. Is there a different methodology being used in the after school programs? Are the expectations of student achievement different? Why do after school programs work when regular school doesn't?

Interesting to hear more about the subsistence issue, too.

KendraKrenz said...

Students are mainly showing up because they have to. The instruction isn't much different than the normal day.
Yes, I am interested in how this program will work and academically for students this school year.
More later..

darleneulak said...

Hi Kendra,
Cangacit? wii assirtua. It's good to hear that your school is doing something to improve students academics. They will keep going, especially those who want to join sports. Now-a-days sports is a big thing. Young people will do almost anything to participate in sports. Yeah, but so good to hear this program going.

KendraKrenz said...

Hi Darlene,
Wiinga-llu assirtua, taugaam elitnaulleq yagaanarquq. Does your school district follow the school improvement plan?