Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Reflections on Power Point and Inspiration

Reflections on using Power Point and Inspiration

I think using technology tools is an excellent way to enhance teaching students. Using the power point you can teach students how to present topics/projects. Power point has unique features, you can create a slide show. You can create excel spreadsheets using the chart wizard and include animations and sounds, like we did for the 429 class. You can also take screen shots of what you’re presenting and save the picture and drag it to a power point slide show.

The inspiration program has given me ideas how to help students in the future to map out ideas. I find the Inspiration a very useful program to make an outline, and use it for any class projects. I also found the custom animation very unique, and it helps to make a class project creative. With using custom animations you can set the speed, and create a sound using the options menu for example. There are other unique tools that are also added.

I am excited to use these technology tools and help demonstrate them to students and peers.

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