Thursday, August 16, 2007

Home Again

Hello Everyone,
I am home as of this week. I am still waiting to get internet and phone service at home. I have relocated to a different school housing since I've been back, so I am rearranging my new home again.

Hope everyone made it back safely home.


darleneulak said...

hi Kendra.
wiillu moveartua, my computer is still in the old house so I go back and forth to check mail and do some homework, hopefully I'll have a computer in my new place before weekend. How do you like you're new place? I'm still trying to adjust. Well, happy moving

KendraKrenz said...

Hi Darlene,
This is the second time I had to move to a different teacher housing since I moved to Kong a year ago. I like our new place, all my childhood growing up in Kong I always wanted a home with running water and a shower with bathtub. I like the upgrade to my new home now and it's very comfortable. This place is a lot roomier and I have the river view, so I can see boats passing through.

I have some issues with my internet, it is so slow at times, I go back and forth to the school too.

Ellpetmi, how do you like your place?