Thursday, August 16, 2007

Reflections first week of Class

Reflections for ED 429 Class

I really enjoyed learning everything we covered for this class. I was impressed we can utilize technology tools in so many ways. It was interesting to be able to learn about the Panraven. Panraven is a website you can create an account, upload and share your photos and create a digital story. I was frustrated learning the process at first and I never thought I would be able to create a digital story.

We also learned about the Flickr website. You can create an account with flickr and share pictures and create a slideshow. It was a unique way to share our pictures using flickr and be able to view them as a slideshow on our blog spots. I had fun creating slideshows with flickr.

Overall, we also learned how to create power point using excel. We used inspiration to map out our ideas and create an outline. We had options to make a creative project using these technology tools we learned in class. It was fun to create an IMOVIE as well.

We sure covered a lot of technology tools in a week. I wonder now what our future will be like in technology in the next century.

It was nice meeting everyone in class. Thank you so much Skip for teaching this class to us. I learned a lot!

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