Saturday, September 19, 2009

Kong Wolf Attack

One of the teacher's from here told the story about her husband's attack by a wolf while moose hunting on the upper Kuskokwim river region.

Funny how the story changes...Rod was on KYUK this morning and there will be an article on the Delta Discovery. He's fine... never had to be hospitalized. This is how the story goes....

Rod and a couple other guys made a bonfire and they were burning trash. When they were done, Rod decided to go listen for moose and walked off into the woods, not very far from where they had a bonfire going. While walking out there, he noticed a wolf prowling around, so he screamed "WOLF !" As soon as he screamed, the wolf went right for him. He tried to run away, but the wolf caught up with him in no time. Just as it reached him, the wolf jumped, and Rod jumped at the same time, (avitengnaqluku) trying to avoid being bitten, but it got him right below his right hip. It took a nickel sized piece of his skin. (he's pretty lucky it took only that much) He then turned around and grabbed it by the neck, giving it a choke hold, and pinned it with his legs. His brother Eric ran over with his gun... when he got to Rod, he asked him where it was... (it was dark, so Eric couldn't see him wrestling with it) and Rod screamed, "RIGHT HERE!" When Eric got close enough that Rod could see he had a gun, Rod released the wolf and shoved it at the same time. Eric then shot it twice and killed it.

Pretty creepy and scary... the wolf had porcupine needles all over its mouth, inside and out...and even had a baby wipe inside its mouth. So it musta been pretty desperate and hungry. They brought it to Bethel to be analyzed and the people in Bethel sent it to Anchorage where they found it did have rabies. So Rod is getting a series of rabies vaccination shots. Thanks goodness they don't give them on stomach anymore...he just had to get five shots on the arm.
Other than that...Rod is fine.

There is a more in-depth Anchorage daily news ( article on the wolf attack of a local resident.


skipvia said...

Fascinating! We heard the news story on KUAC a couple of days ago, but how much better is it to hear it from someone in Kong.

Keep writing, Kendra. You're touching so many people with your stories. Hope all is well with your new family.

rlean06 said...

Skip mentioned this post when speaking at UAF about social networking media...

I think it's really cool that you got a inside version of a national news story!