Thursday, April 1, 2010

40 day feast in memory of my Uncle

In my culture, if someone passes away, the deceased person's family hosts a 40 day feast after the burial in memory of that person. The feast is a potluck style and everyone in the community is welcome to attend. On Saturday, we had a 40 day feast at the Kongiganak School in memory of my uncle, Kenneth David Sr. (picture shown, with wife) who passed away in February. Kenneth was 64 years old and a retired first Sgt. /MSG. He was a very friendly and likeable person. He was an avid hunter and active member of the Moravian Church. Most of all he always thanked his Creator.

Before the feast began, one of the local board members presented awards to the village police officer (VPO) and the healthaides to show appreciation of their dedicated work serving the whole community and especially when they put their effort into this recent village tragedy. One of the elders said an opening prayer in Yup'ik before the feast. Quyana to everyone that brought food and helped out.


skipvia said...

That's a lovely post. Thanks for sharing this part of your life with us.

Jacque said...

Hello, I live in Anchorage and have been sending packages to your school. I found a very resourceful teacher on Craigslist and started sending things. I found your blog when I went looking for more information. I like learning about life here in Alaska. It is so different from one area to another. Thank you for the window on your world.