Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Kongiganak School Update

Here is a picture taken on Monday of the new school site. The workers have just started building the school foundation. It is expected to be completed by the spring of 2010. I also took an aerial photo of Kongiganak last August, 2008. In this photo, the airstrip is between the new housing which is facing the mouth of the Kuskokwim River and the old housing where you can see the current school painted in red. The new school site is located on the other side of the left end side of the airstrip, by the big lake. The community decided the new school should be built in an area where there is no chance of land erosion. Last summer the QAP Company put rocks along the river to stop erosion near our house and the old school. Our living room has a birds eye view of the new school construction site. It’ll be interesting to watch the progress of the new school construction.


noelstrick said...

Thanks Kendra for the posting. Your pictures on your blog sight are great. They are so clear and nice to look at. Is photography a hobby of yours?

Butch said...

Hi Kendra, I just stumbled across the pictures you posted of the new school in Kongiganak. They look real good. One thing about it is that the small company I work for is providing the pre-insulated wall panels for it. This project has been a big subject around the office here, and was wondering if I could contact you more about the area. We will have a guy up there next week that may be flying in with you. If so plese email me at . Thanks and great pics!!!

KendraKrenz said...

Hi Noel,
Sorry it took so long to respond to you. Yeah, I do enjoy taking pictures whenever and where ever I go.