Sunday, May 4, 2008

Bearded Seal

My cousin David shot a bearded seal yesterday when he went hunting with one of his cousins. His cousin shot one and took it home to his family. We call this type of seal "Maklaar". There are several types of bearded seals and most are generally larger than the one shown here.
In this picture his Mom and girlfriend are cutting up the seal. This time of the year many fathers and sons in the village hunt seals and freeze the meat in preparation for the winter. We have a lot of birds flying in the sky and the snow is starting to melt….signs of summer weather around the corner.


skipvia said...

It's great to hear from you again and to read another of your wonderful stories of life in Kongiganak. Your blog has become an excellent source of information on life in rural Alaska, and I always look forward to reading more. Great photos, too!

blogger said...

I agree. I enjoy your posts, too.

I also have a question to ask of you, but can't find your email address.

You can reach me through my blogger profile or at ykalaska AT gmail dot com