Thursday, November 15, 2007

Welcome Home Potluck for the National Guard

There was a potluck held at the Dick R. Kiunya Memorial High School for the National Guard troops that came home from Iraq. An elder opened the potluck with a speech followed by a prayer. People brought food to share for the potluck. There was a variety of native food on the tables. Three of the men who were in Iraq attended the potluck. They wore their military uniforms and visited with the people in attendance. It is so good to see the troops reunite with their families. We are so blessed that every one of the troops came home alive and safe. I was glad the community honored them for their courageous actions.

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Thersea D. Gibson said...

I was watching a show about WWII on Alaska One last night and there was some footage of an Eskimo man but they did not identify him. I remember stories about how hard it was for some of the men to settle back into village life after other wars. I'm really glad people pay attention to the soldier's feelings these days so that they have abetter chance of getting back to their regular lives. I'm glad everyone came homne safe from your village.